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Stick the buttons to the extreme right of the screen

I am finding it very difficult to place the button to the extreme of the screen, and I need a help here. Please someone come help me fix it.

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@Prasanna welcome to the forum, take a look at ā€˜position: absoluteā€™, this will provide you with what you need. Absolute Positioning | Webflow University. Have one of your sections be ā€˜position: relativeā€™ and the buttons (or better, a div wrapping the buttons and the buttons static or relative) as ā€˜position: absoluteā€™. This will stick the buttons to the side of the section, use the different position options to position them at the side you want.

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Thanks for your help @sarahfrison

@Prasanna youā€™re very welcome, were you able to make it work with the tutorial? Feel free to create a new topic if you need help with anything else.