Stick a div to the top and another to the bottom

Hey folks!

I am working on the personal website of my girlfriend:

Quick question: Anyone knows how to make this text block sticks to the bottom of the div?

Hope someone will have the answer! Thanks :surfing_man:t3:

What’s shown in the screen-cap isn’t what I found in the read-only link on either page. Did you get it to where you wanted it to be?

Please advise.

No, I didn’t find a way to make it!

The fact that it did not look exactly like on the screen-cap is probably because of the size of the screen used? As it is Div that resize themselves.

Let me know!

Could be. I’m on a 32" screen @ 1360 x 768. Might be best for someone else to take a shot at this for you.


Flex box will solve this. Have a look at the webflow flex box video tutorial, their great!

Hey @Christoffer!

It’s actually already rolling with Flexbox, but I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. :see_no_evil:

Any idea?


Which section is close to how you want it to look? The Dior or Saint Laurent? I’m trying to match what you have in your graphic, but I wasn’t sure where you wanted the Creative Director names to appear.

Please advise.

Nice @itbrian40! Thank you very much.

I’d love to have it like Saint Laurent :ok_hand:t2:

How did you do that? :dizzy:

Here you go… when you get frustrated, take a break instead of getting creative with your structure elements; re: “stick to bottom”.

Take care,

Hey man,

Sorry for the very late answer. I finally found a moment to fix this. I was trying to watch your video but it’s not working :see_no_evil: Do you have it somewhere so I can have access and fix this?

Thanks @itbrian40! :facepunch:t3:

Cheers! :pray:t3:

Nope. That video is toast.

That’s too bad. We were almost there! :relieved:

Thanks anyway. :wave:t3:

LOL. I was there. I don’t know where you were. :laughing:

Don’t be mad @itbrian40. There is a reason why a thread is asynchronous. It’s more convenient.

Not mad… that’s a laughing emoji.

Oops, my mistake. :see_no_evil:

Anyway, if by any chance you’re interested in providing the tutorial again. Ping me and I’ll fix the website!

Cheers! :wave:t3: