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Static scroll + Transparency on scroll

I am trying to get the effect I see on the hero image of

Keep the page static as we scroll down and reduce transparency as we scroll. Has anyone tried to do this. How can we achieve this.

Nice effect.

Fixed than relative:

(Change CSS dynamically on Scroll) in this case the section style from position: fixed; to relative in pointX - is only by custom code (See this wishlist idea)

Basic Example of the concept her.

Opacity trick

The Opacity trick - two images one on each other - (How? with position: absolute; you break the normal flow)

When you scroll the opacity change and you get cool effect:
With this library:

But maybe you could achieve this by webflow interactions (I never try to create this effect on webflow- see this forum Q)

Anyway - this is more freelancer job - no way to solve this by forum answer (To solve this you should look at the code and try to reproduce idea).

I hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

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