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Static elements in dynamic collection pages

Hello, Webflow Community.

I’m building a local distributor’s site, based on in Webflow.
The challenge I’m facing is adding “Details” (screenshot) which, of course, are different for every ship, and I prefer to keep pages dynamic (and obviously trying to avoid building 30+ static pages)

Have you got any ideas? Any appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

For each ship create feilds for DECK FITTINGS, COCKPIT and so on - type “rich text” and put inside bullet list. Than style the Rich text lists like this (No bullets some padding and bottom border ). Last only by Custom CSS you can remove the last line (border).

And also add “if” is set (In your case 7-8 “ifs” for each div).

The heading (H4) will be static.

If you content its really static - its hard to answer without more detials (All ships with same data or not?)

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Thanks! I get the idea.