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Static element inside dynamic flex?

Hello, good people out there :slight_smile:

May I ask for some help… I am trying to show a flex grid populated dynamically from a collection - it will be up to 7 tiles of featured products from a product category (can be less than 7 if there are less products in that particular category). I would like to always have a “Show all” button as the last tile inside the same flex grid, linking to the category page. I can’t find a way to place a one instance of an element inside the dynamic list which is not part of the collection. Is that possible at all?

Thanks a lot for a hint…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Pataka

Your share link is blank. You may want to update that.

Thanks, @AlexManyeki!
It was rather an omitted piece of the default post content… But perhaps the link will be useful, so here it is:

Project Link

My intention is shown on page “E-shop Category”; the “live” page is “Produktové skupiny Template”.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

There is no native way to insert static element in a dynamic list.

However, the dynamic list is just a div with a class .w-dyn-list. This means that you can use JS to add html content inside this div, using .append() , which will automatically inherit the flex-elements of the parent. You need to be comfortable with using custom code and jquery to do this. Here is a link;

Thanks a lot, @AlexManyeki!
I’ll give it a try and see how far I get in coding! :smiley:

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