Static + dynamic text in h2 heading block

Hi I want the h2 heading on a CMS collection page to say: “Current vacancies at {company name}” where the company name is pulled from the CMS.

I know that this is possible with two seperate h2 heading blocks next to each other, but would Google recognise that as one h2 heading?

One h2 means recognise as one
Two means two h2 so for your question google recognise as two h2. so you need means you can do it seo settings on the page meta description type the current vaccines at (+add field) in that choose comapny field as your topic categories

No. It would see two. You can use an embed to do this.

<h2>Current Vacancies at [insert field]</h2>

I didn’t think of putting the h2 tags in the embed too, thank you Jeff, that is perfect!

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