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Static borders on header categories depending on current page being viewed?

Hey all,

I have a design question that I feel might be impossible to do natively on Webflow.

So, I have a dynamic white bottom border that I use on my header categories.

When you move through the categories on the header those bottom lines show up (that effect happens with a Hover state)

Here’s a gif of the effect:

Now, my question is - how can I make those white borders remain static when I’m on a specific category page?

For example - if I was on the Hire Me page, the white border would be active and static below the “Hire Me” category link on the header, and so on for each corresponding page.

Like this:

I’ve done it on Wordpress, but how could I do the same on Webflow? It doesn’t seem to possible with State designs.

I tried using the “Visited” state on the header, but it won’t work, because it wouldn’t revert back when users move to different pages.

Here’s the link to my project: - just hover over the categories in the header to see what I mean.

Is this possible to do on Webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only: Link