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Startup Site Redesign Project

Posting on behalf of the company founder

Nimble Website Redesign Project

Nimble is seeking a Webflow designer to help us with a few updates to our existing Webflow site between now and mid-April and ideally to partner on an ongoing basis as needed. More details and contact information below.

Current webflow site

Figma file

1. Feature product more prominently / visually

  • Engagement / animation upon scroll
  • Actual screenshots or representations of Nimble system
  • Probably hone in on 3 areas: (can draft copy according to design to some extent)
    • Predictive analytics to boost teacher performance/retention & reduce hiring bias
    • In-system data dashboards
    • Pooled posting infrastructure
    • These will probably need a blend of screenshots and custom designs cause some of the features are more easily captured in a screenshot versus others that are more conceptual
  • This new content will likely replace “hiring tools designed for you” and “Nimble’s unique features…” section
  • Examples:

2. Switch in a few new sections for old ones

  • May involve some custom design + animation
    • 100% customers say we’ve helped improve their hiring process
    • 100% say customer service is better or much better than prior vendor
    • A few customer stats that each link to case study

3. Functional changes

  • Want people to be able to subscribe to a mailing list and our blog
  • Want clearer prompt to sign up to learn more / for a demo

For more information, contact

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