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Start at bottom of div block

Hi! I’m making a chat for a client of mine. It looks like a cross between Discord and Messenger. Basically, for this to work, I need the chat messages container to start displaying from the bottom. It currently has overflow scroll, so I can scroll down and see messages, but I want it to start from the bottom and not the top. It looks like this

I cannot really make a read only link just because it’s for my client, so if someone could help describe how I can do it, that would be great! But if you guys really need a read only link, I will make a seperate project to do so. Thanks :)) (btw my due date is the 22nd so i rly need help haha)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Preston_Cammarata and welcome, because I cant see your project how data flow is set I can only suggest use WF filters to reverse order.

If you are familiar with javaScript you can use reverse JS function . But as I have mentioned both tips are only suggestions

It’s not a collection it is div blocks inside a container. But how would I use JavaScript ? With an embeded? Could you either lmk how to fix it with div blocks in a container, or show me how to with embeded.

Thank you so much for the reply!

These data (messages) has to come from somewhere, so you can grab these data, make from these eg. an array and reverse rendered order.

Yes. But I have to export the code to HTML/CSS and CMS doesnt support that…

I do not understand what do you mean, why you need to export code?

Because, we have a PHP+MySQL backend, so I need to export to HTML/CSS because the chat messages are saved in a database, and I will print them inside div blocks. Maybe you could help me with the JavaScript reverse part of it?

Ok, now I got it. When Im working on projects outside of Webflow I code everything in code editor as exported WF code is a bit messy and need clean up a bit. Unfortunately Im not familiar with PHP syntax but here is one of many links on web how to do reverse in PHP.

PHP Reverse

Okay, yeah I can reverse it when it’s exported, np. Jus wanted to see if its possible within webflow.

Thanks for your help!

Yes it is possible with JS

I tried the reverse function. Couldn’t do it. I tried w/ jQuery and w/o jQuery. I tried in the footer code, and in embedded. I guess I’ll have to do it in exported code unless you had a script that could help.