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Star Wars: Battlefront 2015 Menu Recreated in Webflow

Hey guys,

For a little over a month and a half, Parker Ku and I have been experimenting with Webflow to recreate Battlefront’s game menu. As a project of our page, we’ve used this menu recreation to further enhance and effectively expedite our creation process. Star Wars: Battlefront’s game menu is simple yet iconic and easy to navigate. We believe we were able to capture this feeling in our website. Please note that this project is roughly 85% complete but we were so excited to show you guys our work.

The game menu features a series of full-width, fixed div blocks that change from block to hidden based on where a user navigates, respectively. Several 2-step interactions made navigating back and forth easy and simple to design. The menu was also split up into a series of 5 pages: Main/Play, Collect, Stats, Season Pass, and Settings (each holding their sets of fixed divs). You should be able to understand the process while opening the site in the webflow editor.

We’ve had plenty of fun cooking this site up and we’ll be happy to receive any feedback and opinions :slight_smile:


hey, nice work. The idea of trying to recreate this in WF has popped up every time Battlefront is on my PS4. It can be used on other sites as well.

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Hey @EthanApalis

This is very nicely done :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing !

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