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Staging site has 2 pinterest logos on it

Our site is almost complete except some viewers are seeing 2 Pinterest logos. Attached are screen shots to what I see plus what others have sent me.

I can’t find where or what is creating this extra Pinterest logo.

I did not create the interactivity when the logo changes colors from white to gray so a bit anxious to mess around too much in that area.


You can see here that you have repeated the That is the source of the issue. Was this intentional?

The duplicate is intentional because the social media logos change colors as the viewer scrolls down. The logos are white at the top of the scroll then change to gray as the white box appears.

I did not set up the animation so anxious to fiddle with it.

I was hoping some where there was a third not needed logo— but have not found it yet.

Also, it shows up on Chrome for me, not on Safari but others see it on Chrome and Safari.

Any other thoughts? I appreciate the help.

The width of the div that holds the second set of icons is being affected by the cart button when it loads on the page. It is also nested as a child below the first element. Since I can’t publish your project, I played with this in chrome dev tools. I created a new element to hold both of the social-icon divs and made them both siblings. That resolved the issue of the last icon wrapping (poking out below).

The interaction would need to be updated to affect the color transition on the second element after making the changes to the symbol.

Thanks for your help. I did some testing and most visitors looked for social media icons in the footer so I just deleted the top icons. I just could not figure it out.

If you are around — new problem since yesterday. The cart icon works on Safari but not on Chrome. Brand new issue as of this morning.