Staggered Slider?


I have been trying to make a slider with different sized images where you can see a little part of the next slide before you slide it in. have something like this on their start page, but I can’t seem to figure it out? Support said that it is a staggered slider? I don’t know what that means, but would like to find out how I can customise my slider to achieve this effect?



Hi, by “staggered” slider, meaning, just have a slider that slide and animate a few pixels and then when click on slide link again, slides the full slide.

Hi @felixgunz, sorry for the confusion. We do not yet support this type of incremental paging on our slider component just yet. We do hope to add it, and we will reply back as soon as it is available.



I just wanted to hear what the status is on adding the mentioned feature to the slider component?