SSO for Webflow Editor

Hi, we have a portal for our clients to login to where they access various tools. We want them to be able to access the Webflow Editor from here ideally without needing to login to Webflow separately. My other post (Whitelabelling - Password Reset Email - #5 by Brando) shows the issue with resetting passwords so ideally we’d like to bypass the password process entirely with you guys and handle it in our app. The client would then just setup one password (with us) and use Single Sign On to connect directly to the Webflow Editor.

Is this on the roadmap? Is there any kind of workaround we could do now to achieve this?

We really want to offer Webflow within our suite of tools but this one issue is quite a big one and makes it very clunky for clients.

Thanks in advance.

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Do I need to move this to another group or comment someone in? @Brando, sorry to drag you into this but you’re the only person I’ve spoken to on the forums so far so thought I’d ask for help! Thanks.

Hi @l11wke

Great question. I don’t know that this is on our road map at this time. That said, you may be able to build out your app so that the Editor is automatically logged into as well, but I can’t say for sure as I’m not experience enough with this sort of development.

However, this sort of functionality would be awesome to have in Webflow, and is something you could definitely post about in the Webflow Wishlist.

It’s not free, but this third-party solution from miniOrange appears to work with Webflow (at least they claim it does)—I have a client who requires this and I would love to deliver using the Webflow CMS hosting platform:

+1 for this. We have a growing number of client sites on webflow and it’s very frustrating that there’s no way to build SSO with our in house client portal. Other tools our agency partners with for analytics, seo, reporting, email marketing etc have this.