SSL (Not Secure Message on the browser)


I have the message (not secured) beside of URL in the browser, despite i enabled SSL on my hosting and i pointed the right DNS.

Website is :](


In project settings, go to Hosting and the place where you connected your custom domain, make the domain with the www as the Default.

Don’t forget to save and publish.

I hope this helps…


Hi Eli11,

Tried but still with no luck, the is still exist, any idea?


Currently your CNAME and A records are pointing to the standard Webflow hosting (NOT SSL). 3599 IN CNAME
ANSWER 3599 IN A 3599 IN A

For SSL to work, the CNAME and A records need to point to the correct records.

If SSL is ON (recommended) in your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: & and the Webflow CNAME record values should be: .

It is listed in the hosting tab on your site and on this page ->