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SSL lock icon doesnt show up. Please help

Hi everyone,

I just connecting my site to custom domain on godaddy through a very automatic straightforward steps on project setting. My site is successfully published and live well!

But It doesnt show the lock up icon for the homepage. For the other page is appearing. Is this normal? Do I need to wait couple of hours before the locked up icon (SSL active) to appear on homepage (root)?

Can anyone pointing me to the right direction?

Thank you!!


You must have broken SSL by using a non https resource. like a script that is linking to a js library but in http and not https, or an iframe, or anything else that you’re linking from that page.

Hi Vincent , Thanks for the response!

As long as I remember I didnt put any extra script or js library in my webflow except I have a CMS field that collect image link from internet (alternative of uploading image). The image link source can be in http or https. Is that the cause of this problem?

I also have links that direct the user to third party websites that also behave the same.

Could be, it’s easy to test, remove the collection list and publish, check the icon.

or google something like


Thank you Vincent!
You were right, the main problem is from image source that has http. The tools that you gave me it works perfectly, saved tons of time inspecting my problematic asset.

Thanks a big time for pointing me the right direction!!

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