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SSL is causing problems

I am using 123-reg and seeing errors on custom domain whenever I enabled SSL. If I turn this off, the status is connected however my site in google says unsafe. I don’t know how to solve this despite seeing other posts on this. Do I need to transfer my domain to a different hosting site?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community @beckybirch!

Changes to your DNS take time to propagate and typically these types of issues sort themselves out within a few hours after making the change—however it’s recommended that you allow 24-72 hours for issues to resolve.

What’s the live website link?

Ok, I will give it a little longer however this has been going on a few days and I tried again but no luck. I have attached the screenshots of the DNS records and Webflow hosting I am seeing.

For me, I get privacy errors in chrome.

I’m not seeing any issues when I visit the site—it loads just fine with SSL enabled:


Also is there a reason you have two sets of A records on your DNS? You should only have the two shown in the Webflow admin

You have two sets of A records. Remove the second set.

When I remove the second set they affect my google mail from working? I have had a look into google mail account but they ask me every time to add these A records for it to work?