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Ssl (https) to add my site to facebook app

how can i get a my website with ssl (https) to add my site to facebook app

That’s some pretty advanced stuff! At the moment you cannot do that with Webflow, but down the line we hope to make it really easy to set that up. You’re creating a Facebook app that takes sensitive information?

Any update on this?
While I’m not doing anything with facebook, we do have an iframe’d payment form on one of our pages. The iframe src is https, but the page itself is not, leaving room for a MITM attack to replace the iframe src.

I have been contacted by a number of potential customers notifying me that they would have liked to sign up but will not so long as this is an issue.


If you use for your DNS, you can use their SSL feature when pointing your domain to webflow. SSL for free! This is perfect for when you need to host a payment form or secure iframe on a webflow site.

You can also set up a redirect rule inside of cloudflare to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. That way your webflow site can only be accessed via HTTPS://

I’ve not used cloudflare before. Can you use it in conjunction with a webflow site that’s hosted by webflow on a custom domain? If so, how does there CDN work with webflow’s? I’m confused!



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Hi @Ben_Meyer

Can you just clarify something for me please. Can I use webflow’s hosting with my custom domain but Cloudflare’s DNS? Or do you mean a webflow site on my own hosting with Cloudflare’s DNS.



hey is anything happening with this? I feel the cloudflare DNS redirect is simply a “smoke and mirrors” workaround as the traffic to Cloudflare is secured but then my site on Webflow is still in HTTP, so my connection to Cloudflare is HTTPS, then the traffic from that to my website hosted in Webflow is in the clear… is that not correct? Otherwise if cloudflare can talk to my website in HTTPS why can’t I set that up?

I really need this as I want to start integrating Stripe and I won’t without true secured connection for my customers. C’mon these features are far too important to take so long in development. I’d prefer HTTPS integration over 3D Interactions…

Hi @Ben_Meyer, I tried setting SSL on CloudFlare (both “Flexible” and “Strict”) and yet still receive the privacy error (“Your connection is not private”):

“This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.”

Any thoughts? Thanks!