SSL error on root domain

Hi Guys,
I need help with the root domain of my site.
I followed the instructions, published the website to my personal domain and updated the DNS records accordingly. Everything is working fine for the www entry, but the root gives an SSL error.
If I ping the root is does translate to the right IP address But when I try to use this url in the browser I get an SSL error:

The connection for this site is not secure

[domain] sent an invalid response.
What can be wrong here?

If you want someone to look at the DNS config you would need to share the domain.

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Thanks for the tip. The domain name is

Maker sure you followed all the steps at => Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

DNS looks fine but I can’t check if you set www to be default (you need to).

Thanks for the response.
www is set as the default, see screen shot

Any other ideas what could be wrong

Webflow loads www just fine but the root domain is not redirecting as it should. Try contacting support.