Square Scheduling and WF

I am reading online that it is Impossible to use Square with WF. I am needing to incorporate Square Scheduling into my WF site. I noticed that within Sqaure you can create a scheduling website and link that to your existing site. Within the Square Dashboard you can embed the code… I would assume that this can be done in WF as well, is that correct or is it really impossible to use Square with WF?

I understand that this can be done with Zapier or Automate, but I think it would be better to go right from Square into WF.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s important to share the instructions that should be followed for embedding. A link would do.

Hi Jeff, thanks for replying. Here is the link, a four minute video, the embed is two minutes into it… Let me know what you think. Could the be incorporated into WF and function properly.

Link missing… I don’t have time to watch the video. If square provides some embed code, and your plan includes the ability to add custom code, It should be no issue. You should try it and see.

Just going by this video, I don’t see any reason why this can’t be embedded using the HTML Embed element like anything else. Have you actually tried yet?

That’s what I was thinking, that the embed should work. Worst case is, I could just create a button (Schedule Here) that links to their square scheduling page…

No I haven’t tried it yet… it’s a potential clients Square account and they asked me to include square scheduling into their site build. So I don’t have access to their account as of yet, I just wanted to know if it could be done prior to me quoting their job.

Gotchya. I think that as long as you present both possibilities, dependent on testing, they’ll be happy with the result. Good luck!