SQL database -> Webflow CMS with Basedash

Obviously biased (I’m the lead designer at Basedash), but I’ve been wanting to be able to send data from production SQL database to other sources for a while, and yesterday I added content from our DB to a collection on our site live site. → Integrations

Here’s a recording of that:

For context, Actions in Basedash allow you to take database data and use it to populate API requests, like sending emails (Sendgrid), refunding orders (stripe), or in this case, posting data to a CMS (Webflow). It’s kinda like Zapier, but not for automating data throughput, more for making your database be more of a source of truth for internal operations. We’re already using it for cold emails, swag deliveries, development tasks… more ideas every day on how we can use it internally at Basedash. Very dogfoody.

We have a table in our production database that lists all of the APIs that we’ve populated data for, to make it easier for our users to add actions. Still in the early days with this list, so it will be growing dramatically over the coming weeks:

However, we also want to show those integrations on our Website, to help with conversions and SEO. I was going to manually enter everything into Webflow before, which isn’t that bad, but it would be a few extra steps.

This action take the DB data, populates it into the correct fields, and then sends that payload to the Webflow CMS API. Here’s what that looks like:

I’ve maintained a lot of Webflow sites over the years, but this is the first time I’ve been able to send data from a production DB to the CMS without a bunch of work. I’ve contemplated using Zapier for this in the past, but I don’t actually want it to be fully automated, since there’s content I need to add to get it into the CMS.

I’m going to add more actions our workspace around this in the future, thought I’d share this workflow with you all since it’s pretty freakin cool IMO. Will be making a longer-form post on our Blog eventually, but just wanted to show-n-tell for now.