Spotify Embed with YouTube video link

Hi all.

Im doing a webdesign right now, on one of the pages I want a YouTube video and a Spotify embed next to each other.

I have the video block (auto x auto) inside a div block (50%w x 50vh) next to Spotify embed (auto x auto) in a div (50%w x 50vh).

I want them to be perfectly aligned, is that possible? I know that the Spotify embed has a size of 352p x 100% but it is in a CMS so I don’t want to edit the embed code if that is possible so it would be easier for other people to maintain the CMS project.

Here is my public share link: Your Agency

You can set the height of the Youtube video block to 352px and add a background color - you didnt add a read only link but I tried it by using dev tools and it looks good