Sponsor dashboard - do I need Memberstack?

Hello! I’ve created a website for a company that runs business events, and they’d like to add a dashboard that sponsors and clients can access to see which events they’ve sponsored, which new events are available, how many people have registered for the event etc. I’m new-ish to webflow and haven’t made a dashboard before - I’m confused as to whether I could create this using Webflow’s user accounts, or whether we need to use Memberstack, or another integration? Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey there!

The answer to this depends on a few things - I’ll break down a few for you here:

  1. Scalability: Webflow Memberships feature development is paused, so if you can foresee needing anything beyond their existing capabilities, you may get into a tricky situation if you decide to use it.
  2. Cost: While the $29+ a month for Memberstack is not a lot considering what you get, if it’s a hobby project or something that will not generate revenue that you’re working on, it may be best to go with the free solution (Webflow Memberships)
  3. Integrations: Memberstack simply has far more integration capabilities than Webflow Memberships, so if other tools are important to making your project work, you may be better off with Memberstack.

Weigh out the options to decide what’s best for your project - hope this helps!