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Split hosting - one page local

Designer here, hosting is not my thing but figuring it out.

Is it possible to use webflow hosting for a site, but have certain pages locally hosted (with the same domain)? I’m rebuilding a site in Webflow that was previously made in Muse. The homepage and a couple supporting pages are ready to go in WF, but there is a sort of “sister” site with a few pages that I haven’t rebuilt–these would be a pain, and are fine as-is being static html. Would I be able to go live with the pages I’ve built so far in WF (using the existing domain at GoDaddy), but leave the other pages on the same domain hosted locally?

Thanks for any help, even if it’s just finding out I’m an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you planning on using a custom domain on webflow or just a subdomain?

A custom domain, the same one I’m using now which I’ll have to bring into WF.

Then no. The muse resources would need to live at a different subdomain or domain than the new webflow site. You would just link to those resources. You may be able to pull them in with an iframe, or even load the content with Ajax if you are so inclined.

Got it, ok.
Thanks for the quick reply!