Spline interactions issues with Affect: class

So I’m using the latest native Spline integration and having some great success in building animations.

However, I’m noticing a pattern. I have a tile elemetn with a working Spline animation on it which works great on my testing page. Then, when I copy this tile and paste it to a working page the interactions come across, but don’t work.

The interaction is build with ‘Affect: Class’, but the class selection acts more like ‘Affect: Selected Element’, in that I have to build a new interaciton for each instance of the Element.

Has anyone else found this? Feels like a bug to me as I don’t want to have to bloat my JS with individual interactions for each instance of the SPline animation.

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Yeah, I’ve built a component with a Spline object that animates when the parent is hovered. When I duplicate the parent and hover over it, only the original component’s Spline object animates, the newly created one doesn’t.

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