Splide Slider Auto Play

So… I’m making some adjustments to a website for a client and attempting to use the Splide slider. However, I need it to auto play and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it working. Based on the Splide website it has an auto play function but I can’t get it to work. Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only:


I think you need to make the autoplay a boolean. Currently, you have autoplay: 100, when it should be autoplay: true,.

Is there a reason you’re using a custom slider?

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That unfortunately didn’t work.

To answer your question, I believe the CMS, through I don’t entirely remember and at this point its not an issue. So I’ll likely just convert to the webflow stock slider.


Have you checked the settings here?
and the auto scroll extension?

( I found Timothy Rick’s youtube tutorial useful too CMS Carousel Sliders in Webflow (2021 Complete Guide Splide) - YouTube)

Got it working, not sure how but thanks. @joejola & @Alkoreiel


Hi @mikesellr, did you get the Splide Auto Scroll extension to work? Couldn’t find it on your project

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Hello everyone
just add this to your code

type: ‘loop’, // ‘loop’ or ‘slide’
autoplay: true,

You are good to go. And keep the loop if you want to keep it going repeatedly. Else writer slide instead of loop.