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Splash Screen Feature for mobile?

I was wondering if it is at possible in the future to have a splash screen when a webclip is pressed on a users mobile device smartphone/tablet/phablet/etc.? If not on the feature rollout list, would it be considered?

Hi @randyellis can you give us a live example of this?

@thesergie, to describe it in the best way possible. Is when you open any popular application from your home screen via your mobile device. See example:


This serves as a pre-loader screen while data is being queued in the background. I know the example above is geared towards native applications. However, I’ve observed web apps (non-phoneGap) use this technique with an uploaded splash screen field using a CMS (the process we use to upload our WebClip/favicon).

You can create that splashscreen on your site and make it position: fixed; and z-index: 99; that will fix the entire screen. That way it will be visible on top of you site when you load it. You can then use jQuery to hide it when the page loads. Put it in your Custom Code

 $(window).load(function() {

But you have to remember that this will be shown on EVERY page you have… You could use that for your main site only. Contact me over Skype and we’ll work on that :slight_smile:

You can also ask @liberrtines how he did a preloader on his site I’m sure he can help you out with that.


For my preloaded, I used "Royal Preloader"which I purchased for 5$ on CodeCanyon

It caches all my images while loading. Let me know if you need help if this is what your looking for.