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Splash page scrolls right on some mobile views, most iphone


We’re a not-for-profit trying to build a splash page for a web app launching. We’re trying to get this landing page launched Monday morning.

The issue we’re having is on mobile devices (mainly iPhone users) it scrolls right. So far I don’t see any elements coming out of the page. you can test here:

[1]: http://

section 6 » div block 43

check that block’s positioning. It is absolute and is far to the right pushing everything to the side.

Becouse you some block have position: absolute.
If you have good responsive site create position: relative

Actually, there are even more than those two me and @lsalex122 noticed. Check all your elements and redo the layout to avoid absolutely positioned divs that push everything out of canvas.


Thank you both @dramand @lsalex122 for your response. For iPhone X I have this set to not display. I can try using relative and at worse, start all over and watch out for this issue.

Updating I found the elements and everything should be better now.

Don’t forget to edit in the desktop version, cose i see text block with 'absolute ’ on desktop. :thinking: