Splash intro help for page loader

I’m having issues with my image showing up in the splash intro when the page load. It shows on the workspace but not when published. Any ideas where I went wrong?

This is what I’m attempting to accomplish:

Here is my public share link:


Thanks in advance!

Hi @g_nee, try removing the interaction that’s on the body. :slight_smile: (I encourage people to avoid assigning interactions on the body - there are other ways to achieve the same effects anyways)

Thanks for the help! :scream: I removed the interactions and the opening logo appears. However, it’s not the order of experience I’m hoping to accomplish. Maybe you can suggest the best methods/interactions to do this? I know timing them would be a big part. This is what I’m doing- refer to the previous images.

Visit Site
Page open to just the logoin white background
Logo fades out
Statement Appears: How can I design for you?
Four Nav buttons fade in after. ( statement remains there)

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