⏬ Speed: TTFB on webflow.io STAGING and our own PRODUCTION domain

Hey girls and guys,
after testing all day and wondering why my efforts to cut down time went back and forth, I found out, that staging on webflow.io has almost 500 ms less Time to First Byte than on my own domain. They connect to different servers after all, of course.

But 500 ms really is a LOT!!

I was wondering: Is there anything regarding domain/hosting I could improve? Or is that just Webflow giving lower performance to production than to staging – which wouldn’t make sense?

We have observed the same phenomenon and would appreciate an explanation.

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I would like to resolve this topic with the answer I got from Webflow support, which actually makes a lot of sense:

Hi Tobi,

My name is Jörn from the technical support here at Webflow, I’m happy to help.

The hosting environment is the same, one difference is the DNS servers, they’re not the same and while it usually shouldn’t make a huge difference it could on the other hand also make a difference.

Some of our users are switching to Cloudflare DNS as they’re claiming to be fast but I’m sure there’s other as well.

Taking a look at the DNS settings for revision6.com I noticed that there’s only one a-record added. I just wanted to mention that, it shouldn’t affect performance but two helps with load balancing and redundancy.

Let us know if you have any follow-ups or other concerns.

Best regards, Jörn - Webflow technical support