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Speed issues when testing

I am having speed issues with my site when I do page speed testing on

Most things seems to load nicely within 2 sec. and takes up 1MB which seems ok, but at the end there seems to be issues with the elements: ConvivaCommunicationProxy.html, msg taking +4 sec more to finish the load - here is the report from Pingdom:!/dJQaTQ/

Doesn’t seem to be an issue regarding load time for users, but I’m worried that the +6 sec total load time will affect rankings…

The Conviva proxy is pulled in by Vimeo and seems to be present even if you embed your site on a blank HTML page outside of Webflow - but we’re investigating to see if there’s something we can do to speed it up.

I’m curious whether GoogleBot (and friends) would even request the ConvivaCommunicationProxy.html file since it seems to be pulled in by Vimeo’s script. For example, when I disable Javascript and refresh your site, that file is never requested.

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