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Specify a dynamic ID for an element in the Dynamic list

So I have been building a site here (PUBLIC LINK):

And there is a form on the page you would typically reach here:

I want to hide the Radiobuttons themselves within the form, so that a user can click on the labels, and they will change colour when selected. Relatively simple.

The problem I have is that I cannot specify a unique ID for the radio buttons in a dynamic list, which means I cannot specify a unique ‘for’ value in the labels. If I cannot do that, then every label in the list corresponds to a single Radiobutton (the first one) and when clicked, only that first radio button is enabled.

I need to sort this asap or I cannot begin the cart integrations I have planned. Is this my error, or a Webflow issue? Can you suggest a method for sorting this please?

Here is my public share link:

Any thoughts on this?
I could really do with an answer asap!

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