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Specific Webflow interaction only works sometimes

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of finishing up my personal site and I’m having issues with a specific element’s animation. Essentially what happens is if I navigate from my home page to one of my CMS pages, an animation is triggered somehow. The problem is that I can’t find any type of pattern that will replicate it, it almost seems to be random haha. If I refresh on the CMS page itself or navigate to it directly, the issue never occurs, so it definitely has to do with something on the home page.

Here’s a quick screen recording where the issue comes up. Link:

First two times clicking the same link (also no scrolling to make sure there were no differences) you can see that the section with “role” and “Leveraging no-code tools…” is already there and on the third time you can see the fade in transitions working properly.

Would really appreciate it if anyone could give me some guidance as to why this problem might be occurring!

Thanks, Jake.

Here is my public share link: