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Spacing messed up on site

I created a grid with images on the home page of my site the was to be right below the header image. Idk what happened but now It’s behind the header image. how do I get it down?

@Ashley_Janelle I believe you are discussing image 36 child of column1 child of columns.
In the style panel in the position style, image 36 is set on the default: auto. You can try using position relative. This will open a positioning tool. Use the top arrow to position image 36 down.

Doing this will position image 36 relative to it’s parent: column1

Idk but placing columns inside of a section might work without using position relative.

Firstly, the home page is wavy and the images are clean af.

2nd Open Section - Hero
3rd Select image 11
4th Press S on your keyboard
5th Change your position from Absolute to Relative

Lastly, If you ever wanna bounce some ideas with another creative. Let me know.


awesome thanks for your help! and I will

If it worked, please mark my answer as the solution so we can close the topic, or it’ll pop up in future queries. Thanks

I think its still kinda off are you able it see it? the four boxes under the header image?