Spacing Issues on 1920px and larger breakpoints

Hi all, so I’ve completed most of my site using the 1440px breakpoint as standard (from the perspective of my macbook) but when I look at the 1920px and larger breakpoints the spacing is all messed up and elements won’t move when I try to move the spacing sliders and reformat them. Any chance someone knows how I can fix this? Thanks in advance!

Share link: Webflow - JONEX Global

A quick look at your project shows you are using fixed widths on some elements as well as negative margins to position things. This approach leads to nothing but problems. I really suggest you invest some time with the training materials in the University on responsive design if you haven’t.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your response. Any suggestions as to where i should go from here? Should I just recreate from scratch and copy those elements in without the negative margins and use % widths instead? Any tips would be helpful, thanks

From what I see, you don’t really need the larger breakpoints in this design unless I’m missing something. I rarely use breaks above the “base” unless additional items need to be displayed across a row (think 8-col grid for showcasing products on a wide browser)

I only use negative margins when overlapping two page elements. Or to counter a parent’s padding for some reason. Pretty rare.

Hi Port_of_Folio, thanks for your response. When viewing on my desktop computer which is larger resolution, it all shifts to the right and isn’t centered for some reason… When I try to move the spacing sliders nothing moves… its seems pretty odd to me lol