Spacing Issues (looks good in editor but not in production site)

Hi everyone,

I am using this theme:

Here is the live site:

Here is the read only site:

The spacing issue appears in the following pages where there is a lot of left padding added and the image gets smaller:

Under my team section:

Under food section:

The behavior I want looks good in the Webflow editor but it does not replicate in the production site.

As you can see the section that includes the image, name, title looks good in the Webflow editor but not in the production site. There are spacing issues.

Visual example below.

The behavior that shows in the editor and also what I would like to be displayed:

The behavior that happens in the production site:

Can someone please help me figure out this issue?

Thanks so much.


Set width to your collection list. 100% should do it.

hi dram! thanks so much for helping me! I tried that and unfortunately it’s not fixing that sizing issues, do you have any other suggestions? thanks again!

Actually, it got fixed.

I just used the left justify option within layout and it updated the about page issue and the categories pages with only 1 item.

Thanks again for your help though dram.