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SPACING IN ROW with 3 Columns

Hello, I am stuck on spacing in a 3 column row. My middle column has text aligned LEFT and has tons of dead space on right of it. It is in a text block.

my link is

Is there anyone out there on the Forum that can tell me how to go deeper and fix this issue…

Oh when I add more padding to right and left my TOP Image gets smaller which is not helpful…

I am using Chrome and have visited your videos over and over again.


Hello @bruceo

Try the following:

(1) remove the extra column by going to the settings panel, then click on the 3 column layout

(2) Double click in your middle column text box, then start pressing the DELETE key on your keyboard to remove the forced line breaks

(3) as for your image, did you need your image to be bigger? or did you need more space between the copy and the image?

hope this helps :smile:

Hi PixelGeek, I really appreciate your trying to help here… I had
added the 4th column to try to push things together… obviously it did
not help…
Yes I deleted the 4th column like you suggested. if you look at the
preview vs the design workspace I have a problem… I want my text to
be left aligned… I cannot get rid of the SPACE to the right of my
can you please make more suggestions… I had no characters to
delete on the right of my lines so I ended up deleting all text so I am
not sure the delete concept is going to help me… wow this is my first
website and I am getting stumped pretty badly… I have built with
other programs including Dream Weaver and other webdesign programs… I
realize that the Responsive sites use different thinking… well I sure
would like to get moving on the learning curve and get this site done…
open to more suggestions… please…