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Spacing changes in preview mode


I’m having an issue where an element I have placed immediately under my nav bar is showing up nicely when I’m in working mode, but in preview mode, it disappears underneath the nav bar, like there is extra spacing in working mode that goes away in preview. I have tried toggling “hidden elements” that could be creating fake spacing, and have tried giving a height to the nav bar, but so far have been unable to figure out what’s causing this.

I can get it to appear by adding enough margin to push it down from the top of the page, so I know the element is there, it’s just disappearing under the nav.

** The “About/Our Members” page is the one I’m experiencing the issue with, not my home page.

Breadcrumbs appear in working mode:

But are pushed under the nav in Preview mode:

Here is my public share link:

Here’s your hint:

MembersHero is an empty div, which will collapse to 0px height when published.

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