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Space on the side in mobile view

Hi Webflowers,

How are you on the warm day? Just working here, with an ice coffee and my neat webflow shirt.

I am almost done with updating this site. And now working on the mobile view. everything looks good. Except that there seems to be some space on the side, which makes it slideable to right and left. Which I don’t want, I want it be rigid in mobile view.

Also, my shared link is

Any help would be gladly appreciated.



Did you get this fixed? I was not able to view any problems.

Nope, I still have this issue @VladimirVitaliyevich

Well, telling from the image it is due to the text that has a to much of a width. I would recommend to make the text a smaller size.

Ah but everything is on auto, the titles don’t have any special size, so they should be able to just go with the width right?

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