South African store payment problem

Hi Guys

I just finished my e-commerce website that offers subscription-based products… only to see that paypal and stripe are not supported in South Africa.

Did I just waste $42 on a subscription that is not supported with my country?

I see some services like can support Paygate(South African pay service), I just don’t have the money to pay Webflow and at the same time. Is there a better way to approach this problem or should i just stop what I’m doing and take the $42 loss?

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That should be a business decision for you alone to make. You might want to consider an open source solution to e-commerce where hosting costs would be minimal.

Hi @Jaco.
Josh with Foxy here. To confirm, with Foxy, you can downgrade to a CMS plan. Or a non-CMS plan if you want to manage products manually. If you go monthly for both Webflow and Foxy, that puts you at roughly $54/mo, so not a huge price increase, considering you’re getting the gateway connection you need as well as more ecommerce functionality/power.

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started: