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Soundcloud modal/pop-up load on click

Hi, me again asking for help :flushed:

I’m adding 4 or 5 soundcloud iframes and GTMetrix goes from A95% to C%63, with lots of URL Requests and crazy Page Size, so I’m looking for a way to load them on a modal or popup only once you click on an image or text or something.
I don’t like the idea of linking to the soundcloud URL on the same or a new tab because I want to keep users browsing the site.


If you pop-under the current tab, in a new tab and it auto-plays like I think most Sound Cloud sessions do, they could stay on site and keep browsing your site while listening to you clip in the background. This is an old trick to maintain main focus of the visitor. Just a thought. You’re mileage may vary. :grin:

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