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Soundcloud Embedd & Versatility


We’re looking to use Soundcloud players and a gating system on a website for music artists. Does anyone know how versatile these sort of options are with music/audio and embedding options.


what sort of versatility are you looking for? Changing the look?

Is it possible to just have the audio coming from Soundcloud but having a custom made player? But also i presume it’s possible to embed the Soundcloud players and if so how is it done?

@DroneMotion have you seen this article from the university? . That should give you a good idea on how to use the soundcloud embed with the webflow CMS. A custom player will depend on your comfort level with custom code. I haven’t used soundcloud before so I can’t point you in the right direction there.
EDIT: thinking about it, depending on the code provided by soundcloud, you could use a custom HTML5 audio player. That’s only if soundcloud provides you with a stable link. I came across this article, but the image there still shows an iFrame embed.

This article seems outdated.

The SoundCloud embed link seems to have and ID and Token part. I cannot just exchange the ID as described in the article. could you share a screenshot of the code?