Sorting different form submissions

My client’s Webflow site has two different, unrelated form submissions. One is a standard newsletter sign-up going to one email address, the other connnects to a DropBox Request File feature + standard contact info and this points to a different email address.

My question is how can my client differentiate and sort these in their Dashboard? It seems that the submissions from both forms are all in the same “bucket” in the Forms section of the Dashboard which isn’t helpful to them.

Grateful for any advice.

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Generally, I avoid processing the newsletter sign-ups directly in Webflow’s forms handler, because it clutters up the leads history view, and there’s no point in counting those towards form submissions.

If you’re using Mailchimp, there’s a way [ search the forum ] to submit directly to mailchimp without handling it internally. Or if you’re using automation like Zapier/Make to push those submissions to your newsletter provider, you can simply submit directly to a webhook on those platforms.

Another option is to send their main leads to a lead management system-, pipedrive, nutshell, whatever they’re using. That will give them much more visibility and control, without the Editor UI issues.

Thanks so much, Michael. This is very helpful.