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On my Happenings page (in Preview), I list all the categories and allow the user to search by category. For each Happening event, I set a primary category and then a field for additional categories (see below) as tags. For this event (for example), it will only show up on the Theater page; not on Holidays, Kids, Other, or Downtown.

Currently, if they click on an icon on the Happenings page (like Downtown), nothing shows up even though I’ve added it as an Additional Category on some posts like the one above. I’m guessing the reason it’s only showing by the main Category is because it doesn’t know to look in Additional Categories. Is there a way for me to make this happen?

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if you want to make a rule like “Show this element if Category is Make OR if Additional Categories contains Fixes”, you can’t use the filters for that because both of the rules must be true for the item to show up.

The image below shows the rule : “Show this element if it’s Featured, Category is Make OR if Additional Categories contains Fixes

If one rule isn’t completed then the element doens’t show up.

@vincent I’m sorry for the ignorance, but I’m not following.

The link on each icon (Christmas, Classical, etc.) seems to be working, but it’s only displaying based on the Category field. I need it to also recognize the “Additional Categories” field so that say, Winger (in my Happenings collection) appears on both the Music page (the category) as well as the Downtown page (the Additional Categories tag).

There’s nothing on the page because the filter says “category has to be downtown”

If you had a filter saying "Additional cat has to be downtown it will show things

But there is no way to have both filters and say “one OR the other”. They must all be true.

So the anwser is no, you can’t do it like that. It’s like a tag system but there’s not tag system yet.

Thanks @vincent. So since I can’t have both filters firing at the same time, would it make sense that in the meantime, I use the additional category filter? And on each event, add the current category as an additional category so that it gets picked up there as well?

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