Sort Random, BUG

When i enable random sort it shows 0 products but if i remove it it goes back normal with all the products as shown in the images below.

Anyone else encountered this bug?


Yes I have this bug as well.

When Sort order is set to “Random, shuffle” it shows “no items found”

Yea that’s exactly it. Webflow support is reporting that as a known bug and suggesting to turn that off until they fix it. They report that they are currently working on a fix.

Hi @matt.lawrence and @ChrisDrit,
I made a report yesterday and got a positive response as they solved the problem and now it works great.

@Dionisie Care to share the solution they provided?

@matt.lawrence Does the problem persist if you remove the item limit on the collection?

Hi @felix_hellstrom
They just responded that the problem was solved, nothing more.

The problem was only when you put the random sort, the other features did not interfere, I had tried to remove the limit only with random sort but still said no product found

Oh man, this one was bad! It totally broke my site’s blog. We used Random sort in several key areas and all of the sudden it looked like my entire site was jacked.

Webflow did respond to my email/support requests and let me know how to make the temporary fix but it was not a good look for us at all.

It’s one of those times were I really wish they had a live support/chat feature.