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Sort order out of order, Conflict resolution?

For my client’s blog, which was migrated over from WP, I set collection parameters to include “original air date” because we can’t yet change the created on date in the system. The system needs to know when a particular article was ACTUALLY created so that it can sort/filter properly.

We need blog lists to sort chronologically…and so therein lies the conflict. I originally elected that the list sort newest to oldest by created on date (system recognized) FIRST, then original air date (manual) next. But now, the lists are out of order because those articles that do not have original air date set are not sorted WITH those that use system data for creation date.

My current workaround for this is to require all posts enter “original air date” per our set parameters, to override the system. This works, of course, but that’s an extra step…and an extra step that has to last indefinitely…

Is there no way–code-wise–to change the system creation date so that myself and my client can continue to rely on the system? I would really like the ability to change the creation date natively…this has been a running suggestion…

BTW…the website is unable to be shared publicly due to protected, subscription-based content, but I don’t think that’s a requirement for what I’m requesting. If there is a solution, I’d be happy to share the read-only link to a qualified individual.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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