Sort images by tag, I.E Summer, Winter, Location

Hey guys,

I’ve created a photography portfolio and I’m trying to build a feature that would allow browsers to sort images by some tags such as seasonality like ‘Summer’ & 'Winter, as well as location. I want to tag photographs with multiple tags, that way they populate in all the related sorts.

Here is the read only: Webflow - kettler thomas

Hey Kettler, I’m not sure how you’d sort on multiple tags. If I have Autumn and Winter on the same item, it would be both at the beginning and ending of the list.

You may want to allow a single season, and a single location, and allow sorting/filtering by those.

If your views are static, you can just use Webflow’s collection list sorting and filtering in conjunction with collection pages, so e.g. the Winter page would show only the Winter images.

If you’re trying to create a single page where all of this is dynamic, and happens as you click various filter and sort options, check out Finsweet’s CMS Filter & CMS Sort.