Sort Grid Cards

HI everyone,

I have some cards organized in a Grid, I want to know if there is a way to filter/Sort this cards when a user clics on a button. For example if they clic in marketing that only the cards with marketing class appears or something like this. They are not a collection and I want the user to be able to filter them. I tried using the mixitup3 but nothing happens

thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey, can you add your public share/read-only link to the designer? I know you mentioned these are not CMS but it seems like you almost want a category filter in a CMS collection. Any reason for not using CMS?

Hi Austing!!! Sorry for the late response, I´m new to Webflow and I´ve never used CMS, I created this before knowing they had to be sorted out so I made it with a Grid and divs. I looked out for the CMS videos but they seem to only filter from the designer view, I want the user of the website to sort by clicking some buttons!! Here is the read-only link. Thank you so much for your help