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Sort by Name Causes Space in Collection

For some reason, if I sort my collection by Name (A-Z) one of the items in the collection appears in a row by itself. If I reverse the sort (Z-A) its no longer an issue. I also saw this happen when using “Random Order”…

Sort by Name (A-Z)

Sort by Name (Z-A)

Hi @cescott!

Thank you so much for reaching out here.

When I preview the site it seems that the podcast categories are aligning to one column instead of two, has there been a design choice made recently where the direction is different now?

Regardless, achieving the layout without anykinds of gaps would be a great job for using Flexbox for if you haven’t explored that option yet.

​Hopefully this helps.

My best,

Are you using a mobile device? On desktop it should definitely have two items in a row. I didnt configure the collection list layout, IIRC it has the default settings. I can see if that uses flexbox or not.

I was using both, but now the Desktop version seems to be working great with no gaps and in the appropriate order.

For some reason not having the Twitter URLs for the a few of the references seemed to be causing the issue.

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