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Sorry I can't upgrade. Too poor

The paid options are too expensive. I’m not able to save 16 euros a month from my salary. Sorry I don’t make 4000 euros a month

You can’t figure out a way to make like 20 extra euros a month?


It’s not like there are thousands and thousands of YouTube videos available for free that show you how.

Hi @premedios, take a peek at this article on how to start your design business as a freelancer for free:

I know it can be challenging to get started sometimes, but keep up the effort, I know you can do it :slight_smile:

I don’t live in the USA

If you are building a simple website for fun, I wouldn’t recommend using Webflow. There are other options you can go with for a much lower price. If you are doing it for your business, then of course you need to invest some money to make money. However, if you really want to use Webflow to build your own website just for fun, there are ways to cover your monthly cost.

For me, I offered to build some websites for my friends and associates for a small fee (less than US$5 per person per month). With all of the fees combined, it is enough money to cover my monthly subscription cost plus my personal website. You don’t need to live in the USA to do this!

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