Sometimes the selector shows there are more objects with the same class

Sometimes the selector shows there are more objects with the same class you have chosen but they are in other pages. It would be great that it will at least direct you to the the name of these pages. And in the future maybe even give you a simple-fast way to locate them.


I’ve found myself in need of this feature more than once, especially on sites that are updated often on a long period of production.


Sometimes I think WF can learn a lot from compositing softwares such as After Effects, Nuke and 3D softwares - In terms of controlling classes, mapping the project, naming and nesting elements.

Absolutely and I and others have been referencing such programs and UIs for possible solutions for Webflow UI. Like how 3DS Max can capture the cursor and update the value of a field without the cursor moving… But there must be limitations between a OS native app and what you can do for an in-browser app, especially regarding the example I just gave.

I’m using AE almost daily and the amount of thoughts put in the UI is staggering, you’re right.

One thing we must recognize though: the UI already achieved in Webflow is very, very good. Let alone the super long dropdown list for Transforms transitions, the Style and Settings panels are much much better than the competition.

Yap, totally agree, I worked with AE since version 1(!) ,I was 20… They a little time to develop it since :relieved:

Haha, we’re the same age and have probably a lot of softwares in common :slight_smile: When AE1 was released I was probably making flyers in Corel Draw 3 and my first video in Première :slight_smile:

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